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Old European Hackett





                              10 SQ. FT. PER BOX FOR FLATS

                              8 LIN. FT. PER BOX FOR CORNERS

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Kent's Stone Product & Design

Est. 1989 - Nekoosa, Wisconsin

Kent's Stone Product & Design, (formally Wisconsin Pride Stone MFG) will make your home, fireplace or business stand out as a centerpiece to any ones view. Our Products are cast from real stones to capture every detail and feature as if it was the natural stone. Our stone is manufactured with the finest raw materials. We offer a 52 Year limited warranty on all our stone. We also install our products.

  • We now have the longest Limited Warranty in the business. 52 years backing our superior hand-crafted stone products. 

  • Kent's Stone Products & Designs has always made its products stand out above the competition. When we first started making hand-crafted veneer stone in 1989, we wanted to be the best. We started making our stone with the color going all the way through the product., which no other company that produced stone did. We still used face dyes like all our competition, but we spend the extra time and money to dye the products all the way through to help against chipping and cutting stones when installing. It just makes the project look better as a whole versus all other products that have a cream-colored or grey center. 

  • After 25 years of producing and installing our products all over the mid-west (on projects such as the Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells, WI and many other homes and commercial projects), we have learned how to make our product the best by being one of the only manufacturers offering installation anywhere in the United States. By also installing the product, it has helped us to figure out the little things that help installers go faster and lay more per day than any other company out there. For example, by putting some small stones in each box and offering the installer the option to buy just a box of small ones per blend, it speeds things up when you don't have to stop and cut each stone to fit. 

  • Our hand-crafted stone is still made by qualified stone technicians, not by computerized machines as others do. So when you buy our product you're not only getting the best veneer stone on the market, but you're also helping to support the local economy with good jobs and you're helping to support many good families. Thank you for choosing us!

  • Our product has been thoroughly tested and exceeds all building requirements in every state. 

  • We have reduced the weight of our product by 20% by using fly ash in our raw materials. We are also a GREEN COMPANY. 

  • In working with the Euclid Chemical Company's scientists, they have helped us by creating an additional additive that reduces water absorption, efflorescence and air bubbles. This has made our products the strongest in the veneer industry. 


"Great group to work with and the finished installation, quality, and craftsmanship is fantastic..."

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